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& Thanks for clicking. This is my little bubble online, though it's rather square shaped.. Like most people here, I found myself missing some of the old qualities of the web. I'm mostly making this place to try and relive my childhood and recreate the atmosphere it had. And to experiment with little widgets and gadzooks.. Back then, all I knew how to do was make it seem like a Pokémon sprite was talking and change text color. Maybe even center it, if I was feeling crazy. But today, I'm on a whole other level.. I can make the text bold, or even embed a video. (Thank god I can summon my girlfriend by pressing the A button like a tutorial character to teach me stuff)

About the user

My name is Froyo ♫ I'm a 20 year old french boy born inbetween city and countryside, and have a girlfriend I love a lot. I'm a shut-in, but just so you know, I was a shut-in first, back when it wasn't trendy. :p The art in the top-right corner is courtesy of me, and represents... me and my lovely girlfriend, which I love a lot. Her name is Nicole. Check her site out. I boing when I hit the floor. Some things I really like: Pokémon, Pokémon card collecting, Nintendo (DS/3DS era, Wii too), character creation+design, speedcore, hardcore, jcore(etc), chiptune, walking in the countryside and taking the bus (i love scenery... mmmh.. landscape)

Additional information

a) This is best viewed on 1920x1080, Firefox (kinda. you won't be able to see the cool scrollbars)
b) I don't know what mobile users are. Never heard of them
c) I really like Yoshi the Dinosaur.
d) I hate John Wick movies.
e) I get extra pickles on my burgers.
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